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The Kopaida Farm - Panagiotis Halimourdas & Co. General Partnership, in Aliartos, Boeotia, is active since 2001 in the primary sector of livestock breeding and more specifically in the breeding of ostriches, and in the last 3 years of Lacaune sheep.

Being motivated by our love for animals, we have created a model livestock farming unit of an area of 10 hectares, with ultramodern facilities which, however, are fully harmonized with the natural environment.
Following the existing specifications and standards of the European Union, we apply the strictest rules of hygiene, ensuring and guaranteeing the ideal conditions for ostrich rearing. In our farm are available for sale all of the ostrich products such as chicks, adult animals, progenitors, meat, eggs, feathers, fat and leather, both in the Greek market and in markets abroad.

Furthermore, in the last years we breed and have for sale wild boars, as well as various deer species. In parallel, we have enriched our farm at Aliartos, Boeotia, with a variety of other animals, such as parrots, wild geese, swans and peacocks, generating thus the appropriate conditions having as aim to give the chance to the people to visit our farm and observe the animals.
During the last four years, apart from the rearing of ostriches, we have also added to the activities of our farm the rearing of dairy sheep having as goal the production and sale of milk, of lamb and mutton meat and of live animals.

Contact the company Kopaida Farm – Panagiotis Halimourdas & Co​ at Aliartos, Boeotia for any issue regarding the rearing of ostriches.